'On THE Way'

Independently-published in November 2017, Steven's first book entitled 'On The Way' is fast-becoming a definitive disruptor in the world of wellness. Not only does it overturn the existing social conventions that define the experience and pursuit of happiness, but also gives the reader an exceptionally profound, yet accessible and practical approach to cultivating sustainable happiness. Less than 7 months after its publication, 'On The Way' has sold hundreds of copies and made its way to readers in over 13 countries around the world, all by way of word-of-mouth and grass roots social media marketing.

Aside from its profound and practical message, the layout of 'On The Way' stays true to its unconventional spirit by taking the reader through an arhythmic and simplified  journey of self-reflection meant to be revisited at any significant point in life. Every single aspect of the book, from language to design, was intended to serve this very purpose.

(From the back cover)

Are you happy? Chances are, probably not as happy as you could be. We usually begin life in a good place, but as time goes on, the road to true happiness starts to look more like chaos theory than a simple walk in the park. It seems that no matter how hard, or what we try, our experience of true happiness can only be characterized as elusive and fleeting, at best. After a lifetime of endlessly chasing down this mysterious road, we are left disappointed, disillusioned and exhausted. Of all the things we’re taught in this world, arguably the most important thing never actually is: how to become truly happy. That is, until now. On The Way turns the existing school of thought on finding true happiness squarely on its head by shifting the focus toward behaviors, and away from attainment and achievement. The profound consequence of this shift is the ability to manifest a happiness that is not only powerful and durable, but consistent and sustainable, as well.

And The Reviews are in...!

"In a very simple way the author gives an explanation and great guidance towards happiness. Structured, reader friendly and no empty or unneeded words. Just exactly what you need to know."

"I must say I usually don’t write reviews! Yet after reading this book I had to share what I had read and the reawakening of my internal compass to happiness. It was a amazing book that I have now read multiple times."

"I love the original layout and the way the thoughts were organized."

"In this book you will find that the power to manifest and sustain happiness is within our own hands. This book is truly inspirational!"