Beyond The Fourth Wall…

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Steven's talks and workshops have been called nothing short of "powerful", "insightful" and "profound".

If there is anywhere that Steven truly shines beyond the blank page, it is surely when he's working with an audience. In a live setting, an entirely different dimension of Steven’s personality becomes manifest and allows him to connect with others in a way that’s not only incredibly illuminating, but highly rewarding as well.

One of the fundamental pillars of Steven’s work is that consciousness has no identity and by its very nature, transcends all social and cultural affect. In a live setting, Steven’s incredibly profound teachings truly come to life and become that much more accessible when people can interact with him in person, allowing them to see that one can be both consciously elevated and yet still very much a part of the “real world”.

Steven has partnered with some of the world's most highly recognizable organizations to host intimate and large-scale events as well as create enlightening and engaging content for their respective communities. 

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