A Road Less Traveled…

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In a tale of improbable coincidence, or perhaps, one of perfect serendipity, Steven stumbled upon Eastern philosophy and meditation at the age of 15 despite having grown up in a fairly typical and slightly sheltered middle-class Catholic family from New Jersey. While attending a highly-prestigious and traditional Catholic all-boys high school, Steven was introduced to the practice of meditation by a fairly-progressive religious studies teacher in his Sophomore year. Although his initial encounter with meditation was framed within the context of the Christian tradition, it wasn't long after that Steven would discover and begin exploring the wisdom and practices of Eastern traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.

One of the earliest and most significant influences on Steven's personal ideology as well as the direction that his life would ultimately take was Jiddu Krishnamurti's landmark text, 'Freedom From The Known'. It was at this time that Steven began a profound and immersive examination of his own inherited beliefs, attempting to reconcile them with the brave new world of Eastern perspectives he was now encountering and embracing.

Fast forward a bit, Steven graduated university with degrees in multiple finance-related disciplines and immediately entered the business world. While he could not quite put his finger on it at the time, there was a strong sense that this was not the right path for him. It took almost two decades for him to finally discover his true calling and life's work but driven by inspiration, passion and a sincere desire to not only do something "big" with his life but to also serve others, Steven relentlessly continued to look and try and fail forward in pursuit of his life's meaning and purpose. 

In the winter of 2016, after enduring one of the most challenging period's of his life, Steven began drafting what would ultimately become the initial outline of his first book, 'On The Way', which quickly asserted itself as a revolutionary, practical guide to manifesting sustainable happiness by focusing on behaviors over outcomes. Since then, 'On The Way' has garnered a significant, organic following across the globe and has allowed Steven to connect with his readers and the world at large, through his public talks, workshops and events.